Hamlet Z Cover

Hamlet Z is a bold revision of Hamlet written in blank verse, the very style and language of Shakespeare:

'Twas conjunct with the passing of the King
That first the dead arose to feast.
As if Heaven and Hell, in joint revolt
At marriage and wake so brazen conjoined,
The dead did vomit up, and violate the Logos
That did separate the Light from Dark, ordain
The ebb and surge of tides, and decree
The circumscriptions of the spheres themselves—
The disordering of the divine prescription,
The broken clockwork of God's device.

Claudius, in murdering his brother, stealing his throne, bedding his wife and desecrating his corpse, has committed blasphemy so grievous it has disrupted the natural order of the cosmos. Now a curse has fallen across the world — the dead are rising from their graves and marching inexorably toward Denmark, devouring all in their path. Hamlet must fight through  his grief and rage in order to lift the curse, lay his father’s walking body to rest, and exact revenge upon his murdering uncle, the pretender to the throne.

Extensively rewritten in language that seamlessly blends with Shakespeare’s original verse, and featuring 10 new scenes, Hamlet Z is a suspenseful new take on a timeless classic.

Available as a printed book on Createspace and Amazon, and as an eBook on Kindle.