Author's Note

Nothing qualitative or quantitative should be inferred, or is implied, by the listed order of the authors’ names. I am not suggesting that I am a better writer than Shakespeare, nor that my contribution to “Hamlet Z” is greater than his; to the contrary, I fully acknowledge Shakespeare’s indispensable genius without which this play would not exist.

I listed our names in the order I did for two reasons. Firstly, I wished to convey that, far from being a pastiche, parody or “mash up” of “Hamlet”, this is a fully realized work in its own right, a work that not only remains consistent with Shakespeare’s original themes, but amplifies them. Furthermore, I wanted to make it clear to readers (and, in particular, to theatrical companies that might desire to stage this play in the future) that “Hamlet Z” is a copyrighted work subject to licensing and royalty that is NOT in the Public Domain. For information on securing permission to stage a production or public reading of “Hamlet Z”, go to

Alternately, if it please you to think it so, the authors’ names are simply presented in alphabetical order.