Hamlet Z is Currently Available for Production.

If you are interested in mounting a production of "Hamlet Z", performing a public reading, or are interested in developing "Hamlet Z" as a film, graphic novel, or some other form of adaptation, contact us at rights@hamletz.com. Based on the information you present, we will provide you with a quote and additional information.

When emailing us for a quote, please include the name and location of your theatre or production group, the number of performances you're planning to schedule, the prospective production dates, and the seating capacity of your prospective venue. Please note that "Hamlet Z", unlike the original "Hamlet", is NOT a public domain work. You must obtain permission in writing from the author before you can publicly perform "Hamlet Z".

Production Note: Please be advised that the version of "Hamlet Z" currently for sale is the definitive version for literary purposes, and has a long running time. It is understood and expected that licensed productions of "Hamlet Z" may wish to cut the play to meet their own needs, and along with any production licenses the author may grant, the author will also grant productions the latitude to cut "Hamlet Z" as they see fit (with the express and absolute understanding, however, that nothing may be added to "Hamlet Z", and that rewriting any portion of "Hamlet Z" is expressly forbidden).